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How to Mass Recruit Agents? - WeekEnd Batch

Mentorship Program

One-to-one recruitment strategies are NOT giving us great results. The post LockDown period has affected recruitment significantly. There has to be a better way of recruiting insurance agents in our team. How to Mass Recruit Agents? The mentorship program will help you to restructure your insurance recruitment strategies and recruit more agents in less time.

You will be able to:

  • Generate quality leads from your local areas
  • Handle any type of objection successfully
  • Implement Mass Recruitment Activities efficiently
  • Influence people in groups
  • Recruit more people in less time
  • Resolve your every queries related to recruitment LIVE

When you enroll today you’ll get instant FREE access to download:
( Rs. 4500/- Value )

  1. Need Analysis Guide
  2. WhatsApp or SMS Marketing Content Guide
  3. Mass Recruitment Activity Checklists:
    • Pre-Event Checklist
    • Event Checklist
    • Post Event Checklist
  4. Email Marketing Content & Design Guide
  5. Invitation Content & Design Guide
  6. Brochure Content & Design Guide

How to Mass Recruit Agents ? During LOCKDOWN

4 Days – 4 Hours
of exciting mentorship program
(Everyday from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM)
language of delivery - Hindi
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22 Feb,2021 to 25 Feb,2021 (Batch Full)
08 Mar,2021 to 11 Mar,2021 (Batch Full)
05 Apr,2021 to 08 Apr,2021 (Batch Full)
03 May,2021 to 06 May,2021 (Batch Full)
17 May,2021 to 20 May,2021 (Batch Full)
29 May,2021 to 30 May,2021 (Batch Full)
14 Jun,2021 to 17 Jun,2021 (Batch Full)
05 Jul,2021 to 08 Jul,2021 (Batch Full)
02 Aug,2021 to 05 Aug,2021 (Batch Full)
06 Sep,2021 to 09 Sep,2021 (Batch Full)
25 Oct,2021 to 28 Oct,2021

Rs. 2999/-

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