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Recruiting agents in bulk is the need of the hour. The traditional techniques which we have always been using like, One-on-One recruitment or Convincing people individually at their homes or offices are too much time consuming and are not giving us great results anymore. I have been training people in insurance industry since 19+ years to influence and recruit agents in bulk, with the help of Mass Recruitment Activities and Online Marketing Strategies. These strategies are tried and tested in real world, with real people and in real situations, hence they produce amazing results and helps you to recruit best profiles as insurance agents in your team in less time.

#askRAVI Mentorship program, is a power pack LIVE training session which is specially designed to increase your productivity, recruit quality profiles as insurance agents in your team and even ensures that the agents are ACTIVE EVERY MONTH.

How to Mass Recruit Agents ?

One-to-one recruitment strategies are NOT giving us great results. The post LockDown period has affected the recruitment significantly. There ha...

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